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Scholar Dollar$

Scholar Dollar$ is an online scholarship application and database for students at New Mexico State University. All NMSU students should apply every year on the Scholar Dollar$ site.  All NMSU scholarships and even some off-campus scholarships use this database. All admitted NMSU system students can apply on Scholar Dollar$. You need your AGGIE username and password to complete this application. Please take care with your spelling, grammar and be as complete as possible when completing this an any scholarship application.  When you apply for Scholar Dollar$, try to reserve at least two hours to complete the questions. Or if you are partially done, save your work so that you can return later to finish it. If you have a resume, have it by your side in case you want to easily input information about awards you have received, community service you may have performed, leadership positions (i.e. an officer of an organization or club), jobs that you have held, hobbies, etcetera. Try to be as thorough in answering the questions as possible.
Take your time and thoroughly fill in all the questions or blanks that you justifiably can.
This database searches for certain key words or phrases like “leader”, “volunteer”, “veteran”, “single parent”, “band member” etc. If there is a scholarship that is related to individuals who have this designation or experience, your file will go in the pool of potential names for that scholarship. If you rush through this site, you could lose out on a scholarship that you might otherwise receive.
Scholar Dollars closes on March 1 each academic year.
To apply now, go to

Dr. Daniel D. Villanueva Student Leader Endowed Scholarship

The Daniel D.Villanueva Student Leader Endowed Scholarship is named for its donor, Dr. Daniel D.Villanueva, a native of Tucumcari, NM.  Villanueva came to New Mexico State University on a football scholarship and was a member of the team that won the Sun Bowl in 1959.  He was also editor of the Round Up, the student newspaper.  Villanueva, a 1961 graduate of New Mexico State, was just beginning his broadcasting career at that time, after eight years as a place kicker with the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.  Villanueva was chairman of Bastion Capital Fund, a private equity investment firm in Los Angeles.  Dr. Villanueva passed away in 2015.  See more at:
The endowment was established in 1983 to honor student leaders at NMSU of Hispanic Heritage.  Students must be a undergrad resident of New Mexico or of El Paso County, Texas (New Mexico residency may include undocumented students who attended and graduated from a New Mexico High School).  Students must also be full-time students at the NMSU Las Cruces Campus and have successfully completed one semester at NMSU Las Cruces campus.

Dr. Danny Villanueva

 Hispanic Faculty/Staff Caucus Scholarship

The Hispanic Faculty/Staff Caucus Scholarship was established by the Hispanic Faculty/Staff Caucus (HFSC) to provide support for eligible Hispanic students at New Mexico State University. Students must have a minimum 3.0 g.p.a. to be eligible. Students must also be full-time students at the NMSU Las Cruces Campus and have successfully completed one semester at NMSU Las Cruces campus.

Dr. Narcisa Zarate Scholarship

The Narcisa Zárate scholarship is named for it’s donor, Dr. Narcisa Zárate, a former Assistant Director at Chicano Programs. Dr. Zárate spent many years encouraging students and advocating for the educational needs of low-income, first-generation and Hispanic students.
The Zárate scholarship is a tuition-only award. Students must be New Mexico residents, preferably New Mexico natives. There is also a preference for Hispanic students. The Zárate Scholarship is an excellent opportunity for New Mexico students who have run out of their Lottery scholarship and/or financial aid to complete school. Both undergraduates and graduates are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is generally awarded once a year in the spring.  Students must also be full-time students at the NMSU Las Cruces Campus and have successfully completed one semester at NMSU Las Cruces campus.



Jose Garcia Scholarship

The Jose A. Garcia Scholarship is named in memory of Jose A. Garcia, a retiree from the Office of Facilities and Services at NMSU. Jose always encouraged bright young people to study. He often wished that he could pay to send young people to college. Mr. Garcia’s widow, Carmen Salinas de Garcia is the donor of the scholarship. There is no application for this scholarship. The runner-up applicant of the Hispanic Faculty Staff Caucus once a year is selected to receive this $500 award.

Scholarships Available to Non-US Citizens

This is a list of scholarships that originate from organizations outside of NMSU. These scholarships listed in the link below are not administered by Chicano Programs.