Lat-List is a newsletter-type mailing list intended for NMSU students that have registered with Chicano Programs. The name is an abbreviation of “Latino-List.” Lat-list sends information to students on nationally-advertised scholarships, internships, fellowships and other opportunities for students. Some events on campus and events in the community related to the Latino culture are also posted.
Lat-list is a closed list. This means that information is only posted by Chicano Programs. It is not a discussion list. If you would like to post information that falls within the guidelines described above, please e-mail a request to the director at
Lat-list is designed to be efficient for students. The essence of the information is always put on the subject line so that students can delete e-mails that they know do not apply to them. For instance and e-mail subject will be: “Scholarship: Juniors/History” not “The Anderson Scholarship.”
By scanning the subject line students can tell which e-mails are interesting to them as an individual.
Chicano Programs will only subscribe via NMSU email addresses.
If an individual would like to be removed from lat-list, simply e-mail this request to The student will be removed as soon as the department’s tech is able.
You can also self unsubscribe by sending a blank email to with the subject ‘unsubscribe’ without the quotes.
If you wish to subscribe to Lat-List, please contact