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What is the ALAS Program?

ALAS (Advancing Latinx Aggies in STEAM) is a latinx faculty/students that work together to support reciprocal/relational growth, development, and success by providing academic, emotional, navigational, and sociocultural support to build community - una familia.

ALAS Mentoring/Femtoring Program

Femtees/Mentees Receive:

  • One on One Meetings 
  • A way to broaden your network 
  • Academic and Career Guidance
  • Scholarship Opportunities 


Femtees/Mentees Provide:

  • Latinx faculty will get the opportunity to connect with Latinx students 
  • Latinx faculty will meet with their femtee/mentee twice per month



Thoughts on having a mentor: 

"I..think it is important to have someone who has maybe not all of the same challenges that I have, but some similar ones because they obviously overcame them to get where they are." -Mentee

      - Mentee 1 

"I welcomed the opportunity to have a mentor that's outside of the people that I see every day, and somebody who can take an interest in what I'm doing, and is just another support system that I have there to complete what I'm doing and to keep moving forward with it." 

      - Mentee 2

"I'm also just looking to meet someone that has more experience in the field that I can hopefully get along with and get help networking for future relationships."

      - Mentee 3




The importance of socializing: 

"I look forward to a lot more socialization and networking in that aspect. I really enjoyed our meeting before the break, where we all got together. I did learn a lot, and it was nice meeting everyone, and I hope it won't just be a specific mentor/mentee individual basis."


    - Mentee 1 

"I did an internship at Harvard University, and one of the things that I noticed in the laboratory settings and everything that we had, was the number of programs geared through just linking people together."

    - Mentee 2


For More Information

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