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Chicano Programs is operational from Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Students can email Dr. Río Lopez at if you have any questions, especially related to academic/financial aide issues.

We are also posting useful information on our Chicano Programs Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Chicano Programs

Supports students and community members from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Historically, the Chicano Programs has focused on supporting first-generation college students in navigating and succeeding in the university environments, particularly those who identify and acknowledge that each person experiences Latinidad in unique ways. Therefore, we are committed to ongoing learning and transformative practices that take down historical barriers of xenophobia, systemic racism, and other forms of bigotry through our information outlets, collaborations, and programmatic efforts. 

Our program description and mission statement are ever-evolving and created in collaboration with the students we serve. 




Our Misson Statement

Chicano Programs at NMSU is a student-serving unit that promotes all student success through education, outreach, and the development of cultural literacy. It is our goal to engage in activities that allow us to: 

  • Address campus climate in ways that align with the Hispanic and Minority Serving designations of our University and beyond 
  • Commit to programming that fosters a sense of belonging for our students 
  • Center the lived experiences of our students as a foundation for university culture, policy, and practice
  • Outreach to NMSU and community partnerships to meet the needs of our students 
  • Promote a culture of learning/unlearning that allows all NMSU community members to engage in accountability and solidarity 




¡Estás en tu casa en Programas Chicanos!

Latinx Heritage Month Series 2023