Undocumented/DACA Students

January 10, 2018 DACA UPDATE

A U.S. Federal judge has very recently opened up the process for DACA recipients (for what is possibly a limited time period.) The order temporarily stops the termination of the DACA program and directs USCIS to resume accepting certain DACA applications.

DACA recipients are urged to quickly re-apply if they are eligible. Click on the button below entitled “DACA Renewal Legal Info” for info on who can re-apply, etc. Individuals are urged to consult with a licensed immigration attorney. A partial list licensed immigration attorneys and immigration legal providers in New Mexico and El Paso by clicking below on the button titled “Local DACA Resources”.


“DREAMER´s Roadmap”

This app that helps undocumented students find scholarship applications.



Undocumented / Daca students can look for scholarships that do not have requirements for U.S. citizenship or permanent Resident status.

Scholarships Open to Non-US Citizens

View this expanding and continuously updated list of scholarships for undocumented / DACA students

View Private Scholarship Opportunities (some of which are available to undocumented students)

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If You Have DACA Or Are Undocumented: Know Your Rights