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Chicano Programs is still open during the Covid-19 outbreak.  We are not in the office, but we are still here for you, online Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm.

Students can email Dr. Judith Flores Carmona at if you have any questions,  especially related to academic/financial aide issues.  You can email Marisela at, especially for questions related to access to social services.

We are also posting useful information on our Chicano Programs Facebook page.

For more Covid-19 information please click “Resources for Families-Youth”

!Estás en tu casa en Programas Chicanos!


We welcome you to Chicano Programs!

Chicano Programs supports students of ALL ethnic/racial  backgrounds.

However, for the purposes of our work, the word “Chicano” in the name of our office, is intended  to also include students who identify as Hispanic, Mexican-American, Latino, Puerto Rican, U.S.Cuban, etc.

We specialize in supporting first-generation/low income college students in navigating the university environment.

Mission Statement

Chicano Programs at NMSU is a support service that promotes and empowers all student success through education, advocacy and development of cultural literacy.