Student Organizations

College Assistance Migrant Program (Student Council) – CAMP

CAMP is a student-support program that is funded by a federal grant. Students in the program must either be migrant/agricultural workers or the children of migrant/agricultural workers. Students in the CAMP student organization are either participants in the CAMP program or NMSU/DACC students who have joined this student organization.

President: Josh Esobedo

Latinos for Exito! – LFE

Latinos for Exito is based in the Exito Freshman mentorship program. NMSU/DACC students who were not participants in an Exito class are eligible to join.

President: Sandra Ruiz

Mexican American Engineers and Scientists – MAES

MAES traditionally has focused on encouraging school-aged children to get excited about studying science, math and engineering.

President: Jorge Ahumada

Mujeres y Hombres Activ@s RevolucionalRi@s – MHAR

To recruit and support women and men who feel engaged in a third space in their lives.

Co-Leader: Anai Rulido

Planning and Awareness for College Education – PACE

PACE is a student organization whose purpose is to provide information, resources and advice to minority high school students who are interested in attending college.

President:  Alicia Villareal

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – SHPE

SHPE exposes members to opportunities for scholarships, mentorships and networking opportunities that can lead to internships and jobs.

President: Antonio Hernandez

TRiO Scholars Organization – TRIO

Trio Scholars is a student led organization started by student participants in the TRiO program in the Fall of 2012.

President: Mark Alarcón