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Student Organizations

Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting – ALPFA

ALPFA aspires to be the leading Latino Professional Association dedicated to enhancing opportunities for CPA’s, Accountants, Finance, related professionals and students, while expanding Latino leadership in the Global Workforce. Students need not be Business majors in order to be part of this organization.

President: Daniel Gonzalez dgcd@nmsu.edu

College Assistance Migrant Program (Student Council) – CAMP

CAMP is a student-support program that is funded by a federal grant. Students in the program must either be migrant/agricultural workers or the children of migrant/agricultural workers. Students in the CAMP student organization are either participants in the CAMP program or NMSU/DACC students who have joined this student organization.

President: Juan “Panchito” Esparza juanes@nmsu.edu

Latinos for Exito! – LFE

Latinos for Exito is based in the Exito Freshman mentorship program. NMSU/DACC students who were not participants in an Exito class are eligible to join.

President: Leslie Montanez-Hernandez lesliem@nmsu.edu

Mexican American Engineers and Scientists – MAES

MAES traditionally has focused on encouraging school-aged children to get excited about studying science, math and engineering.

President: Armando Martinez  armamtnz@nmsu.edu

Planning and Awareness for College Education – PACE

PACE is a student organization whose purpose is to provide information, resources and advice to minority high school students who are interested in attending college.

President:  t.b.a

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers – SHPE

SHPE exposes members to opportunities for scholarships, mentorships and networking opportunities that can lead to internships and jobs.

President: t.b.a